This page contains the Hex Codes used in Fun Guns

Entity Codes/Mob Codes (The codes for moving things) Edit

These codes work with the /createmob command

Bosses will be shown in Bold

21= Koopa (10 HP)

22= Koopa (20 HP)

23= Koopa (30 HP)

24= Arcade mode Koopa (40 HP)

25= Boss Koopa (50 HP)

30= Player

40= Flamero (2400 HP)

Gun Codes (The code for every gun) Edit

*These codes work with the /switchgun command

0= Musket

1= Bubble Blower

2= Laser Rifle

3= Coin Gun

4= Water Gun

5= Custom Gun

6= Sniper Rifle

7= Bow

8= Wizard Wand

9= Koopa Gun

10= 8-Bit Shooter

11= Lava Gun

12= Star Shooter

13= Ice Cream Launcher

14= Flamero Gun

15= Dragon Gun


17= bBall Shooter

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