Update 1.0 Edit

Released November 22, 2014 Edit

-The game is officially released to the public

Update 1.1 Edit

Released December 14, 2014 Edit

-Added the Lava Gun

-Added the Star Shooter

-Added the Ice Cream Launcher

-Added the Flamero Gun

- Added the 8-bit Gun

-Redesigned sandbox world

-Improved Koopa AI

-Added springs

-Updated graphics

-Updated textures

-Added credits page

-Added Story Mode preview

-Bug fixes

Update 1.2 Edit

Released Febuary 14, 2015 Edit

-Changed menu layout

-Custom guns can now have custom images

-Added Fun Guns Online (beta) very buggy

-Bug fixes

Update 1.3 Edit

Released August 13, 2015 Edit

-System to create and share custom guns redone

-Redone Arcade Mode

-Bigger Sandbox Mode

-Fixed many bugs for Fun Guns Online

-Graphics completely redone

-Removed Mario tiles

-Added bBall Shooter

-Added Dragon Gun

-Rebalanced gun stats

-Custom gun making now easier

-Saving and loading custom guns now easier

-Making custom gun images easier

-Can now make custom bullet images for custom guns

-Achievements are now harder to get

-Rebalanced Arcade Mode achievements

-Changed Main Menu song

-Changed programming and graphics for Main Menu

-Changed graphics for dialog boxes

-Added commands to Sandbox Mode!

-Updated mob AI

-Lots of bug fixes


Fun Guns 1.4 (Upcoming Update) Edit

These are some speculated features to come out in 1.4

-Five new guns, picked from the community

-Stage creation for Fun Guns Online

-More bosses and enemies

-Multiple rooms in sandbox mode (Which also means updated /tp command :P)

More to come :D

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